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Cool down those dog days of summer

Friday, August 28, 2009

As late summer temperatures rise, so does the urge to flip on the air conditioning. But, falling victim to those urges will only cost you later, in the form of much higher cooling bills.

Instead, take a fan and place it in an open window facing towards the outside . Then, open a window in a normally cooler part of the house, preferably where there’s a tree or other shade. As the outside facing fan pulls hot air out of the house it also pulls cooler air from the open window creating an air draft, which helps to cool the house.  To help cool things down even more, hang damp sheets or towels from doorways. As the air is pulled through the house it is further cooled by the damp fabric.


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I found this story in the New York Times and thought you all might enjoy it. Whether seasoned gentleman farmer or suburban homesteading newbie, I think anyone would enjoy learning something new that could benefit their homestead, I know I would. And, what a great way to meet like-minded people.
Read the story here…