County Fair Update

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4H County Fair

Well – we are on day three of our week-long county fair. We arrived on Monday afternoon, and after finding our pen assignments went about the task of unloading tack and animals, getting everyone settled in and watered. At 6pm the sheep were officially weighed in. The livestock office uses the weights to divide up the animals into classes. Although we have a scale at home and weigh our show lambs weekly this is always the most anxious part of the fair for me.

Tuesday was the busy sheep show day for us – full of washing and grooming, making sure to check in for each class on time and of course the judging. The excitement is high, but so is the anxiety as we wait to see how the judge places each animal. Brianne won her market class which qualified her to compete for 4-H Champion Lamb, and even though she didn’t win champion she was thrilled for her little friend that did.

After the market division the breeding sheep show started. Brianne had two ewe lambs and ram lamb in that division. She placed 3rd and 4th with her ewes and won Champion Ram with her little guy. She was excited because this was the first time she’s shown a ram at the fair.

Friday will be another action packed day as all the market animals are sold at auction. Brianne has worked hard building up a group of people who will support her by bidding on her lamb, so she is hoping to get a good price. Then on Saturday she will show off her livestock handling skills in the showmanship competition.

But, for now, we have two days off to rest and relax as the kids showing hogs and cattle are put through their paces.

We’ll have more to update you on later in the week.

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