Where the Garden Begins

Saturday, March 14, 2015


It’s here! The gardening season is right at our doorstep and I, for one, can not contain my excitement. Come June you might find me complaining about the work, but in the early spring it is all about pleasure. Going out into the garden before work to peek at the rows of feathery carrot tops, squat bean leaves, and strong tomato starts brings me a lot of pleasure, and even more satisfaction.

Evenings will be spent filling pots with compost and peat moss, sowing seeds of squash and pumpkins and cucumbers; flowers and herbs. Dinner will come late on these days for the mind will turn to future food security.

My gardens modest start begins in a collection of clay and plastic pots collected from family and friends and thrift store excursions. The black flats that hold my future garden are absconded from local nurseries and the famers market. Each flat holds six pony packs or a dozen 4-inch pots.

In past years the flats set snuggly on my little potting bench or patio table. But this year they will line the growing shelf of my newly finished greenhouse, soaking up the warm sun from the west facing bank of windows.

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