The Second Green Revolution

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Monsanto has systematically and relentlessly laid the framework to dictate the world’s farming practices.

One companies attempt to control the food supply through global farmerless farming, thereby controlling us.

I’m not fond of mass emails and usually just delete them. But, this one caught my attention.

A friend in Australia watched this documentary last Friday night. On Sunday he asked the hippie farmer who runs their local market if he had seen the film or knew anything about it. What he learned was even more shocking than the film itself.

The farmer had found injected genes from manipulated soy-beans in his avocados. That is scary! The genes are crossing species! He is now taking his laboratory test results to the department of the prime minister.

Please watch the film and forward the link to everybody you know. This topic needs public awareness and we all know the mainstream media will not cover it.

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