The Fair. The Concert. The Meteor Shower. What a Night!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The sights, the sounds, the smells; catching up with old friends, always brings back fond memories of my days showing at the county fair, and of being a “show mom” to DD.

The concert was huge, bigger than anyone ever imagined. 500 extra people crammed into the arena. It was one big crazy party with thousands of friends you never knew you had.

Dark, dark night. Crystal clear sky. Stars that shine. Warm summer breeze floating in from the sea. Streaks of light across a velvet canvass. Mother nature in her awesomeness.


What a night. So tired. I’ll be trashed at work today, but life is always worth a sleepless night.


If you missed the meteor display there are more to come. Pick a night, grab a blanket and turn your eyes to the heavens. You won’t be sorry you did. Trust me.

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