Rustic Peach Pie

Friday, August 2, 2013


The last of the summer peaches are coming off the tree. And, after making them into batches of spiced, jam, chutney, butter and salsa what better way to use them than in a Rustic Peach Pie.

These are rather free form rustic types of pies. Rather than the crust rolled out and placed neatly into a pie plate for that perfect Sunday potluck dessert it is rough and free and ragged around the edges. They are so fast to make when you have previously made pie crusts in your freezer. Simply defrost on the counter, fill with your fruit mixture, fold up the sides and bake. After baking, top with fresh whipped cream or homemade ice-cream. Yum!

What could be easier or tastier after a long day of farm chores? Except for maybe a Rustic Apple Pie!

Dreaming of Fall, folks. Dreaming of Fall.

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