Put the SOLE back in your food

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Eating SOLE food can help us live happier, healthier lives with the added benefits of helping the environment around us. But, what is SOLE food? Simple – it’s food that is Sustainable, Organic, Locally grown and ethically raised. For the best results for you, your family and the planet, ask yourself if what you eat is:

Sustainable? Rotating crops and allowing field to lay fallow (unused), farmland can rest and continue to support agriculture for hundreds of years.

Organic? Natural seeds, weed control, pest control and fertilizers produces healthier food while protecting the planet from harmful chemicals.

Locally Grown? Locally produced food gives your family fresher food, it save on fuel because it’s not trucked long distances, it helps support the local economy. But, most of all it allows you, the consumer to meet and know area producers – putting a face to your food.

Ethically Raised? Patronizing producers who provide a humanely raise and processed product promotes the continuation of these practices, encourages producers to stay engaged by providing them with a livable wage and also benefits the environment.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Graham Coreil-Allen

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