Making Maple Butter

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring temperatures are rising, sap is flowing and that only means one thing…its Maple Syrup Season. It’s during this time of year that the warmth of spring pushes the maple tree sap up into the branches to nourish the leaves, making it the perfect time to capture the sweet juice.

Sap is collected by boring holes in each maple tree and inserting a spout. As the sap moves through the tree the sap drips from the spout into a waiting bucket. The buckets are collected and the rich golden sap is taken to a sugar house where it is boiled down, allowing all the water to evaporate. What’s left is super concentrated natural syrup that’s perfect on pancakes and waffles, muffins and toast, as a glaze for meats and even in baked goods.

No offense to the goodies above, but my favorite way to eat maple syrup is in a creamy, delicate Maple Butter. Slathered on fresh baked cornbread, partnered with peanut butter in a sandwich or spread on piping hot dinner rolls just out of the oven, it is a sinfully delicious way to enjoy the changing of a season all year long.

To make your own Maple Butter try this easy recipe.

Maple Butter

¾ cup softened homemade or pure butter (not margarine or buttery spreads)
1 cup pure maple syrup

• In a heavy pan heat maple syrup until it reaches about 240 degrees and begins to foam; about 10 minutes.
• Stir in butter
• Pour mixture into a glass mixing bowl and beat until thick and creamy, about 10 minutes.
• Store in a canning jar in the fridge.

If you are lucky enough to have a sugar maple, black maple or red maple tree on your property then you’re lucky enough to have the main ingredient for making your own pure maple syrup. To learn more about tapping maple trees and making maple syrup check out this bulletin by the University of Maine

Creative Commons License photo credit: PhoTones_TAKUMA

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