Make Your Own Garden Trellis

Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Hint & Tip

Make your own garden trellis

Before you chop up grape cane or berry vine pruning’s for the compost, consider saving them to make your own garden trellises.

Simply pull off any leaves and scrap off the thorns and you have the perfect material for making trellises that can be used for vining peas, beans or even small cucumbers.

Before the canes dry completely, take several sturdy straight pieces for the uprights, then twine the remainder around the uprights in the diameter you want. Leave room at the bottom so the trellis can be pushed into the soil.

Once finished, tie the intersections to hold the trellis together. Vine trellises will last a few seasons and can then be chopped up and composted. You’ll save money on buying premade- trellises and your garden will have a fine country feel with natural made trellises.

(if you don’t have grapes or berries on your suburban homestead you can also use small diameter saplings)

Creative Commons License photo credit: dougtone

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