Longing for Fall

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It was barely dawn when I woke to a cool breeze floating through my window. A thin glimmer of light shone just over the horizon. Rather than roll over and sleep some more I got up, put on my jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Our weather is still warm during the day, but the mornings are brisk. I quietly left the house and walked around our little homestead. I love this time of morning, before the farm and the world has decided to rise and get on with their day.

When Dutch and Dakota finally realized I was outside they came running over to me, tails wagging wildly. They were still droopy eyed. Wondering what I was doing out so early, but loving the pre-dawn attention. I bent over and rubbed them vigorously and chuckled as they flopped on their backs begging for a belly rub. I am happy to have such contented farm dogs. They moaned and grinned and begged for more.

When Brianne came out I joined her in her morning routine of scooping grain and throwing hay to the lambs, and feeding the chickens. The baby chicks, now a good month old, have been moved to a spare rabbit hutch to get acquainted with barn life and life outside the brooder. No more do they have the warmth of their heat lamp, but a thickly packed nesting box seems to suit them just fine. Oreo (the rabbit) got his water bottle refilled and a fresh supply of pellets. We still have lambs left over from the state fair and our county fair. Fortunately they have all been sold. Now we wait for the butcher to have room in his locker before we can take them in. Not an ideal situation – waiting – but I know when our turn comes he will treat us right. Our county fair is just a few weeks gone, but it seems like a lifetime ago. Strange how we roll from one event to another with barely a look behind.

September has always marked the beginning of fall for me. I’ve been pining for it, longing for it since July, but it’s still a few weeks off. Fall is my time folks, when golden leaves float down from the sycamore tree in front of my house; when the fragrant smells of hearty stews fill the kitchen; and, when the pumpkins we planted back in spring start to change their color from green to brilliant burnt orange.

No – it’s not yet time, but soon. September paves the way for our hallowed fall. This is my time folks. I can’t wait.

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