Little Bits, Big Meal

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little bits of anything are often forgotten about or viewed as not useful. But at our house little bits mean we not only use up food that might go to waste in other homes, but we also put a wonderfully satisfying meal on the table. Take the quiche and peach popover above. It was made with two slices of bacon, two mushrooms, a 1/4 of onion thinly sliced, left over half and half cut with some milk to make the needed amount, eggs from our hens and a pie crust. The extra pie dough was rolled out big enough to hold 1/2 a peach sliced and tossed in sugar and spices. The rest of the peach was eventually chopped and sprinkled over the vanilla ice cream that accompanied the popover. The whole meal used small amounts of many things to make one deliciously filling meal after a long day of work on the farm.

So…the next time you are tempted to toss those little bits, don’t. Find a way to use them. Little bits of meat and veggies can be sliced and tossed over a salad. Or, if you can’t find a way to use them now, freeze them to be used in hearty soups chalk full of veggies and meat, or put them in stews and create a belly filling supper perfect for the coming cold weather months.

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