Happy 4th of July!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I, like anyone, likes a good holiday. It means a day off work, more time on the farm, free time to do something new or time to spend with family and friends. But, the older I get the more I look back at how the life I lead today was but a dream for most a few hundred years ago. We in our modern world can’t even imagine the struggles our forefathers had to endure, the drive it took to carve out a living in a new and uncertain world, the strength it took to stand firm to their convictions. We have so much in our fast-paced instance gratification world that we often times lose sight of the enormity of what people went through to make our country free. So, as we party and BBQ and watch the colorful array of fireworks this fine summer day let’s not forget how it all came to be, how much we have to lose and how grateful we should be.

Enjoy my friends. And have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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