For the Love of Fall

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love today.
I love Fall.
I love the dusky umber October Light.
I love the big orange moon.
I love the black night and bright stars.
As a farmer.
As a woman.

Goal! © by Barbara L. Hanson

Fall is when my lambs are sold.
Fall is when I store for winter.
When Brianne goes back to school.
Fall is when the leaves turn red and orange and gold.

Autumn at Mt Macedon © by Ryk Neethling

When bugs are gone.
When wood is gathered.
When hay is laid in.
When a fire takes the chill off a cold night.

Campfire on Honeymoon Beach, Isla Danzante © by lowjumpingfrog

Writing this, I think to myself:
My favorite book sale is soon.
I should call my friend Jane, who loans me her cabin,
Up above the mountains’ tree line.
I will surprise her,
And take her some firewood,
And give her some fruit,
And find her a book,
And tell her thank you for being my friend,
Because she deserves it.
It will be my honor to Fall.

Autumn Leaves © by dtaylorcreative

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