Celebrate Plaid Friday, Folks, Not Black Friday

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey Folks! I recently learned about a new movement that is making its way across the country.

Plaid Friday was born in the shopping districts of Oakland, CA as a quiet rebellion against the over-commercialization of holiday shopping taking place at non-local malls and big box stores everywhere. It celebrates local shopping, keeping cash within our communities, and harkens us back to a nostalgic time when shoppers and shop owners built relationships in addition to revenues; and when shopping was a leisurely and pleasurable activity.

I’m sure I’m not alone thinking that the future of our economy lays in a more locally-based economic system. And, I for one plan on embracing Plaid Friday in style; the hardware store has a great selection of cast iron cookware; a nursery down the highway carries a large selection of seeds and plants, perfect for the gardeners in the family, and I can pick up everyone’s favorite read, with tea or coffee, at local coffee shops and bookstores.

So, jump on board, folks! Don your favorite plaid shirt and hit your local shops. Spend Friday, November 25th closer to home, putting money in the pockets of local artists, boutique owners, hardware stores, bookstores, coffee houses and restaurants. These independent businesses need our help to preserve the diversity and creativity of the communities we live in.

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  1. Jean says:

    OK then. I spent Plaid Friday at the local craft fair. Purchased artisan cheese, goat milk soap, hand made shea lotions, a silk scarf, hand died with natural dyes. Had a glorious time! Thanks for the idea. I hate the madness of Christmas shopping. This was fun. 😉

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