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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Build A Suburban Homestead Library – Livestock & Small Farm Magazines

There are so many great websites with mounds of homesteading information on the internet, but there are also some awesome magazines as well. Some are commonly found on newsstands, in bookstores or at local public libraries while others take some digging to find.

Whether you have a country or suburban homestead, the magazines below cover all areas of homesteading and would be wonderful additions to any home library.

countryside magazine1. Countryside & Small Stock Journal – is brimming with hands-on information about building, energy, recycling, livestock, gardening and a host of other homestead related topics. This well established magazine is completely reader written with many small articles and tidbits. You won’t find articles written by researchers with no application experience or about university tests. The authors have real hands-on experience in what they’re writing about.

2. Hobby Farms® – although the magazine is geared toward rural enthusiasts, hobby farmers, small production farmers and those passionate about the country addresses all aspects of homestead life. Hobby Farms highlights “rural living for pleasure and profit.”

3. Hobby Farm Home® – is the home magazine for those truly living the country life. But, like Hobby Farms, this magazine is also well suited for those striving for a more self-sufficient life because it highlights farmhouse activities such as cooking, crafting, collecting, pet care and home arts and skills.

4. BackHome magazine – is a quarterly magazine that delivers useful do-it-yourself information on sustainable, self-reliant living for those interested in taking control of their own lives. The bi-monthly issues are packed with clear, practical information on mortgage-free building, solar and renewable energy, chemical-free gardening, wholesome cooking, home business, home schooling, small livestock, vehicle and workshop projects, and family activities

5. Backyard Poultry & Dairy Goat Journal – is part of the Countryside family of magazines and focus on individual species of animals. Each issue provides timely articles and current news of interest to poultry and dairy goat owners as well as breed selection, housing, management, health and nutrition, rare and historic breeds and other topics that promote better small-scale production.

6. Sheep! Magazine – caters to one of America’s favorite farm animals, especially among small farmers and homesteaders. Sheep! has everything you need to know to start raising sheep or to tackle new adventures with your flock. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles this “magazine-book” is a great addition to any self-reliant person’s library. From the Editors of Hobby Farms® and Hobby Farm Home™ magazines.

Mother Earth News7. Backwoods Home – As the name implies this magazine is dedicated to homesteading and the back-to-the-land movement. There is also a stronger link to survival skills and preparedness issues than the other magazines. Magazine features include canning, baking, alternative energy, building projects and frugality.

8. Mother Earth News – is a longtime, well established magazine. Heavy on politically correct issues there’s still great information about gardening, food preservation, green living, natural remedies, frugal living and other topics useful to those seeking a more self-reliant life. While it’s a little more ‘slick’ with less information about raising livestock for meat there’s still a great deal of interesting information here – well worth looking at.

The magazines listed below lean more towards larger farm operations than a suburban homestead, but still have excellent information that is very applicable to suburban settings.

9. Progressive Farmer – with a balance between professional farmers and smaller part time farmers this is an agriculture magazine with nuts and bolts information. A typical issue features articles such as small scale turkey production, preparing livestock for colder weather, fruit orchards, hunting and more.

Grit Magazine10. Grit – is a long established magazine with a new outlook. Many rural youth once delivered Grit newspapers. It’s back and revamped with highly relevant articles to those interested in the self-sufficient lifestyle. A variety of articles offer good advice and guidance. Topics range from farmer’s market how-to, safety tips for garden and yard, tools that work and secrets to a perfect fruit tree.

11. Successful Farming is another “production serious” farm magazine with relevant information to farm management. Article topics include scouting corn, planter applied nitrogen, farm shops and more. While Successful Farming is a bit more crop and large farm focused than many of the other publications there is still pertinent information in this well established magazine.

12. AcresUSA – is a magazine to balance out your homestead library. Articles cover government cautions; speak against such things as heavy hormone and antibiotic use in livestock, GMO crops and other aspects of commercial agriculture.

There are many opinions and much information on homesteading topics. These magazines are reasonable to subscribe to, full of information and loaded with can-do, hands-on ideas for the suburban homesteader. Check them out today!

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