Apples and Apple Cider

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall is a season with so many pleasurable activities and a favorite amongst young and old alike is gathering apples and making fresh apple cider. There’s just something about that burst of flavor when you drink an ice cold glass of cider.

Whether it’s a warm and sunny “tee-shirt and shorts kind of day”, or a brisk New England day when a jacket or sweater feels just right, a day spent in an orchard is great fun for the whole family. If you’re like most folks, you might not get a lot chances to visit an apple orchard, so make a day of it! Pack a picnic, complete with picnic basket and blanket and lunch in an orchard. Making memories is all part of the fun.

If your area has many orchards in a small geographic area visit several and taste different apple varieties and ciders like adults taste wine. Apples are influenced by climate and their environment and it’s amazing how everyone will discover a personal favorite. Google your area or state to find apple growing areas near you.

It’s usually best to arrive at the orchard early in the day, although any time of day will work. Many orchards have tasting rooms that offer slices of the varities they grow, while others allow visitors to roam the orchards picking and filling their own box or basket. (One rule though: treat apples like they’re eggs. Apples bruise easily, so be gentle with them). While you’re picking, think about all the things you can do with your bounty: apples for snacking, apples for apple sauce, apples for pies and cobblers, apples for smoothies…the list goes on! Check out this link for wonderful apple recipes.

If making homemade cider is on your list of activities read more about pressing your own cider here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: fortinbras

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