A Handful of Treasure

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Handful of Treasures

Every night when I get home from work I walk the farm. It has turned into an evening ritual that helps me shed the stresses of the day. It also gives me a chance to fill water troughs and feeders, pick ripened veggies, deadhead flowers and take stock of chores that need to be done.

During this evenings walk I noticed a bit of red peering out from between the roses. It was small, but bright, like a shiny marble. At first I thought it must be a bud that hadn’t opened or a rose hip that was especially red this year. As I walked closer I could see a few more scattered between the branches and leaves. When I bent over I realized the tiny red balls had nothing to do with roses at all. They were ripe Grape Tomatoes hanging in little clusters intertwined in the roses and the arbor. Some had even grown through the fence and attached themselves to a roll of garden wire on the other side. They were perfect; firm and bright and sweet right off the vine. I picked all I could see, more than a dozen in all. They will make a great addition to salads or sautéed with zucchinis and onions.

But, it’s a curious thing though. I never planted Grape Tomatoes, nor did I buy a plant. And, if I had I would never have planted them with the roses. These little gems were an act of kindness from a passing bird.

We get a few odd additions to our garden every year. A few plants that nature has decided we need. And why not? We do feed a few of her feathered friends with our garden. Maybe it’s just her way of reciprocating. No matter the reason or the cause everyone can use a handful of treasure once in a while.

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