37 Pantry Staples for Preparedness

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be Prepared SignPreparing for a crisis or power outage or storm is an essential task for any homesteader and home-owner alike. It is an every day task and important topic to discuss with family and friends because when disaster strikes food and water will disappear from store shelves at an alarming rate. In fact, most authorities estimate there are 37 essential food items that will become impossible to find less than 2 hours after any disaster strikes.

Take stock of the 37 most important goods to buy from the grocery store while they are still available and save yourself and your family the stress and drama of seeking them out post crisis.

Stock up on these foods before a crisis hits

  1. Distilled water and seltzer water — because we can’t live without it.
  2. Canned liquids — like fruit juice, broth, milk and veggies.
  3. Powered milk — regular or goat’s milk, but not non-dairy creamers.
  4. Hard cheeses encased in wax — they won’t grow mold, retain moisture
  5. Protein bars and protein drinks — Whey Powder or protein concentrate.
  6. Canned & dehydrated meats — jerky, tuna, smoked salmon, sausages.
  7. Coffee, tea and bouillon — for energy, cooking and medicinal use.
  8. Oils — small containers of olive, coconut, Ghee, butter, shortening, lard.
  9. Whole wheat flour — non-GMO flour and whole grains for longer storage.
  10. Wheat germ and Shredded Wheat — for fiber, vitamins and protein.
  11. Potato flour — not potato starch for gluten free cooking, baking and soups.
  12. Corn as a grain (dried) — can be ground into flour, for baking and grits.
  13. Corn as a vegetable — non-GMO canned.
  14. Oats and Oatmeal — good source of fiber, a hearty breakfast.
  15. Bread crumbs & stuffing’s — sealed in plastic, for coating, fish cakes, and casseroles.
  16. Shelf stable, ready to eat meals — like tuna kits, GoPicnic & French Bistro.
  17. Crackers — packed in #10 cans, accompaniment for soups, tuna salad & PB.
  18. Potato Flakes & au gratin potatoes — choose those without hydrogenated oils.
  19. Rice — store instant to save on resources, jasmine, basmati, Arborio, short grain, & brown.
  20. Pastas — filling and versatile for soups, stews, casseroles & main dishes.
  21. Raisins, dried fruits, fruit strips — for protein, fiber, iron, vitamins & cooking.
  22. Jams and jellies — a comfort food along with glazes, marinades and baking.
  23. Canned fruits — provide calories, hydration, vitamins, use in soups and baking.
  24. Canned veggies — think canned with calories like root veggies, yams, sweet potatoes. Also sauerkraut, cabbage and beets, and carrots, peas and potatoes.
  25. Beans, legumes & peanuts — dried and canned for energy and fiber.
  26. Nuts, seeds and nut-butters — raw, roasted & buttered for cooking & eating.
  27. Honey — even if you don’t use it, buy some for flavoring, medicinal & topical.
  28. Iodized salt — needed to preserve and season food; inhibit germ growth and regulate fluid balance.
  29. Sugars and Molasses — granulated sugar, brown sugar and powdered
    sugar wrapped in plastic, to protect from insects.
  30. Spices and herbs — buy more of the spices already in your cupboard.
  31. Condiments — pickle relish, small cans of mayonnaise mustards, Tabasco sauce,
    vinegars (balsamic, cider and rice whine), maple syrup, vanilla and almond extracts, cocoa powder and chocolate syrups.
  32. Chocolates — it’s a morale booster that could prove essential.
  33. Vitamins — multi-vitamins plus Calcium with Vitamin D and magnesium.
  34. Food bars — are compact nutrition complete with protein and energy.
  35. Vodka — you can cook with it, drink it, provide first-aid, bug repellent or barter
  36. Dry yeast — for baking bread even though it has a short shelf life.

More stock-ups…

Along with the 37 essential food items for your Prepper’s Pantry, you also need to consider non-food related items, like hand can openers, firewood, charcoal, lighter fuel, candles, paper plates, plastic utensils and disposable cups. Also, remember feminine hygiene products for every female in your house!
If you have a root cellar, you can store fresh apples, potatoes, onions and garlic, or any other root vegetable, which will last for several months.

Last, but not least, a disaster of any kind can and most likely will be a stressful time, so never feel guilty about stocking a few of your favorite junk food items.

There you have it — 37 essential food items to stock for disaster prepping. With these items on stand-by you will be more prepared than most households in the country, which will make you and your family very happy when the unthinkable strikes.

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