12 Farm Projects Made with Livestock Panels

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Livestock panels, sometimes called cattle panels, hog panels or sheep panels are not only a God send to fencing for a variety of animals, but have many other uses as well. Panels are 16-feet long and made of heavy gauge galvanized welded wire and vary in height from 36-inches to 54-inches. With a few panels and tee-posts, a sledge hammer and some fastening wire a single person, or two people, can create a sturdy pen for their animals.

As a single shepherd, I had no time for repairing fences or chasing escaped sheep, so livestock panels became my “go to” supply not only for fencing, but for a variety of other farm projects, from trellises for climbing peas or beans, to supports for espaliered fruit trees and berry canes, to outdoor pens for growing meat chickens and ducks.

What I especially like about these panels are their many uses around the farm or in the garden. They are more than just fencing, they are a multipurpose necessity, even on a small suburban homestead.


Check out these inspiring uses for livestock panels, or let your imagination run wild.


  • Storage or Firewood Shelter
  • Hog Moving Panel
  • Greenhouse or Potting Shed
  • Trellis for Climbing Crops & Flowers
  • Support for Espaliered Fruit Trees
  • Portable Chicken or Rabbit Tractor
  • Arbor for Climbing Roses, Berries or Grapes
  • Livestock Housing or Shaded Area
  • Livestock Alley
  • Livestock Hay Feeders
  • Hanging Tool Rack
  • Livestock Transport Box for Pick-up Truck


What great ideas do you have for using livestock panels on your suburban homestead?

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