Frugal Living – Reassess your Bills

Friday, January 29, 2016

Review Bills

January is the time when I get all my tax paperwork ready. It is also the time I reassess my bills, like utilities, water, trash, insurance, etc., to make sure I am getting the best possible deals. This can be different from region to region across the county. Find out if there are alternatives to utilities and review the costs. If you can get a better deal elsewhere, switch. If you have a landline, check to see if they have a bare bones price or cancel options you’re not using.

Check how many cell phone or internet data minutes you’re using. If you’re not using all of them switch to a cheaper plan. Review the channels you watch most often on cable and reduce your package to get rid of one’s you don’t watch or seldom watch.

Bundle your home and auto insurance, if it’s not already, and ask your agent how a higher deductable will effect your coverage and monthly bill.

Little changes made now can save you money all year long.

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