Frugal Friday – Winter Heat Savings Tricks

Friday, January 15, 2016

Heating Bills

25% of your houses heat can escape through windows and doorways, not to mention a few other sneaky places. Take steps now to close off the escape routes and save a bundle on your winter heating bill.

• Check door thresh holds and replace if they do not fit tight. If you can see daylight you’re losing heat…and money.

• Switch plates on outside walls are notorious for leaking heat because insulation is not installed close enough to stop the airflow. Remove the plate and fill small gaps around the box with an acrylic caulking. For larger gaps, use a foam sealant. Then, place a foam gasket over the outlet and reinstall the switch plate. This small investment will save you loads of heat from escaping and tons of money.

• Water lines, gas lines and cables that come into your house from an outside wall can also leak air and heat, plus they are entry points for bugs and mice. Seal with an expanding foam sealant to keep heat in and critters out. For water lines, slide back the metal ring around the pipe before you caulk. It’s purely decorative and won’t stop air escaping. Check yearly as the caulking can crack or peel off.

• If you work in or gather in one room most of the day use a space heater and turn down the thermostat. The rest of the house will be cool, but you’ll be toasty warm in the room you occupy.

• Use the sun to warm you and your house. If your work at home or are relaxing move furniture to a sunny window where the rays can keep you warm. Keep curtains open, especially on south facing windows to bring in more direct light and heat, and then close curtains at night to act as a barrier, keeping the warmth in.

Even in the middle of winter, you can slash your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort.

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