Frugal Friday – Scrape it Down

Friday, October 9, 2015

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We all have them…those mostly empty jars of condiments, jellies or peanut butter. But, before you toss them out take a spatula and scrape down the sides and bottom. Most of the time you will gather up enough for an extra serving or two.

To get the last bit out of jars or bottles with small openings, like salad dressing or mustard, tip the jar upside down on a plate and let stand for awhile, then scrap off the plate to use.

Sometimes saving isn’t all about saving money. Sometimes it’s about using every last bit of something we already have already spent money on.

BTW – did you know that 45% of Americans throw food away while it’s still edible? Those “Best-By”, “Use-By” and “Sell-By” dates on packaged foods ARE NOT expiration dates. To learn more about the dates on our food check out this article.

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