Frugal Friday – Declutter & Sell, Sell, Sell

Friday, February 12, 2016


Long winter days that have us trapped inside is the perfect time to start going through those closets and cabinets, decluttering what we haven’t used in a while. But, don’t just donate the discards. See if they can be sold on craigslist, ebay, at a garage sale or local consignment store for cash. The cheapskate in you will love making money before donating the items, and you never know what people are looking for. If that puts a bit of green in your wallet, move on to the garage and earn even more.

To make the process less overwhelming start small, one closet, one cabinet at a time. I go through my house one drawer, cabinet, closet at a time throughout the year. Over time you will create a routine that keeps your house and mind clutter free.

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